West Coast Pretzel Co.

We proudly incorporate brewery “waste” in every one of our bakes. Our soft pretzels use regionally acquired spent barley grains that have been dried and milled into flour. By utilizing spent brewery grains we contribute to a circular economy and change the traditional approach to “waste” products and make them “co-products”.

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Bavarian Classic

Our take on the traditional Bavarian pretzel. Our artisan pretzels are hand rolled and fermented overnight for a deep flavor and distinct chew.

Potato and onion

The delicious combination known as Irish Champ. Our potato and scallion pretzel is topped with aged sharp cheddar cheese.

Jalapeno and Cheese

Just the right amount of heat and cheese. A popper in pretzel form.


The sweet, mild heat of the sausage does all the heavy lifting in this bake. A wonderful twist in a pretzel!


Pretzels are great for weddings, parties and events! For orders please contact us at sales@themicrobakester.com or 778-791-1974 for details.

Upcycled flour in every bake

As part of our fresh and fun approach to this ancient craft, we’ve taken conventional  pretzel flavours and twisted them into something even more delicious.

Fun Facts

Bakester~ a medieval name for a female baker

Spent barley grains mainly consist of cellulose and are rich in proteins (20-30%), fiber (30–70%), lipids,vitamins, amino acids and minerals.